MOLLASADRA International Holdings

A collection of fourteen professional working groups and specialized experts consisting of experienced and prominent university professors and managers with experience in implementation, executive teams selected from retired experts of organizations and organizations related to thirty-eight years of management experience in independent companies. .

We are proud to be present in five continents and all provincial centers and major cities in order to generalize the needs of employers to develop business and provide superior services in other countries.

Our services, from consulting to providing administrative services and arranging international contracts, have been accompanied by accurate and compassionate expertise of the needs of the guilds and providing the best solutions. And comprehensive identification of the needs of all guilds in different societies of the world and Islamic Iran.


Mollasadra International Holding, with 38 years of experience in providing registration services, can solve its customers’ registration problems and meet their needs to occupy a very good position inside and outside Iran.

Commercial Services

Mollasadra International Holding, with 38 years of activity in commercial issues, has provided an opportunity for investors and business owners (domestic and foreign) to create and develop various commercial activities inside and outside Iran.

Legal Services

Mollasadra International Holding ,with 38 years of experience in providing various legal services, can provide suitable and reliable conditions for investors and business owners. Therefore, business owners can confidently share their requests and legal issues with Mollasadra’s advisors and experts .

Informatic Services

Nowadays, by progressing in science and technology, investors have decided to establish an online business in order to be seen by the public. In this way, they can save their costs and earn more profit from their business activity.

Mollasadra International Holding, with its extensive experience in the field of registration and legal affairs, has provided various services to its customers in the domestic and international departments, and has been able to be more successful in attracting customers by expanding its service system.

Mollasadra Holding Services include company registration, brand, invention, industrial design, registration in free and special economic zones, site and application design, company ranking, obtaining a business card, receiving economic code and export and import license in and. Or pointed out outside Iran. For more information, you can contact our consultants and experts.