Mollasadra International Holding, with 38 years of activity in commercial issues, has provided an opportunity for investors and business owners (domestic and foreign) to create and develop various commercial activities inside and outside Iran.

Furthermore, domestic and foreign applicants can not only meet their needs and requests in the field of commercial, but also they can attend to Mollasadra Holding and solve their problems with the help of Mollasadra’s experts and lawyers.

In general, the commercial services of Mollasadra International Holding are divided into two categories: 1- concluding, supervising and arbitrating International contracts. 2- investment opportunities inside and outside Iran.

Using this type of services, Iranian and foreign traders and trading companies can conclude international legal agreement with Iranian and foreign partners inside and outside our country. In this way, they can invest in different countries and start their own business.

International Contracts (B2B)

Mollasadra International holding by concluding an international legal contract and in accordance with the business law of a desired foreign country provides a possibility for merchants and business companies to do their transaction with a foreign company even if they do not know the language and rules of the foreign country.

Introducing Domestic and Foreign Investment Opportunities

Mollasadra International Holding has provided an opportunity for foreign investors to invest in Iran by registering a company, buying stocks of an active company, buying property and placing their capital in a bank. In this way, Iranians can receive the residence of their desired country after a while.