Legal Services

Mollasadra International Holding ,with 38 years of experience in providing various legal services, can provide suitable and reliable conditions for investors and business owners. Therefore, business owners can confidently share their requests and legal issues with Mollasadra’s advisors and experts .

With the legal services of Mollasadra International Holding, not only the security and legality of the capitalists’ contracts are guaranteed, but also their legal problems are resolved in the shortest possible time with the help of the holding’s lawyers.

Legal services which are provided to customers by Mollasadra International Holding team are divided into two categories: 1. Signing a contract and consulting 2. Supervision and arbitration of legal contracts.

The consulting unit is related to investment consulting services and business development which can be offered in different fields.

Providing Legal Contract Services

Mollasadra International Holding provides an opportunity for business owners to conclude a legal contract with domestic and foreign companies with the necessary documents.


Mollasadra International Holding has provided an opportunity for foreign investors to invest in Iran by registering a company, buying stocks of an active company, buying property and placing their capital in a bank. In this way, Iranians can receive the residence of their desired country after a while.